Telescoping Intestines

The most common type of intestinal obstruction seen in children is intussusception. This is a serious but rare disorder that is hardly even seen in adults. This is when one portion of the intestine, be it the small intestine or the colon, slides into another part of the intestine. It is similar to telescoping and can block the intestine as to not let any food or fluid to pass by. It is also possible that this obstruction can stop the blood supply to that portion of the intestine. There are no lasting effects when this condition is treated quickly.

Signs that this disorder has happened to a child is seen as a abdominal pain that is severe and it can be intermittent. You could be able to see a lump in the abdomen or it may appear swollen. The child could be vomiting and have diarrhea and a fever as well as showing shallow breathing and signs of dehydration.  Generally, the first sing in infants will be a loud and sudden cry of pain in the stomach area. Young children or infants will react by pulling their knees up to their chest and this pain can come and go with fifteen minutes intervals. As the time goes by, these signs of pain will last longer and be more frequent.

It is rare, but intussusception can be seen in adults and their symptoms can be chronic or intermittent. In an adult, they will notice a change in the frequency of their bowel movement, and rectal bleeding can occur. Their abdominal pain will be crampy and the pain will be limited to one area of the abdomen. There can also be nausea and vomiting and the stomach area can look to be swollen. This condition will need quick medical treatment. There are some medical conditions that can cause intussusception but the exact cause is unknown. Doctors say that a medical condition is usually the cause when you are older and develop this disorder. In adults there can be a cancerous grows that can be the cause and this growth can be either malignant or benign. If there is scar tissue on the intestines, this too can the a cause. Even long term diarrhea can be a cause for the intestines to telescope one into another. The complication that are associated with this disease is that when the blood supply becomes cut off by this condition, that tissue can die and then a tear in the intestines can happen.

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